A Last Stand

The Adventure begins

so my last post was erased and since I do not have much time I will make a brief summary of events. Charybdus Hell’s Reaver trained with Grand Master to become a Guardian. The group met handsome Jack and traveled to some ruins to get a skull. The group fights and Jack and Mithrandir ran away to the Dark Forge and the group followed and met Jay Jay. Charybdus Hell’s Reaver fought Jay Jay to help a fellow guardian and almost got himself killed but was saved by the party and the Leaders of the Dark forge.

They then traveled to the land of Thuisland. On arrival they were greeted by Jay Jay and traveled the desert and went past a old blue dragon Got into a fight with Aztec and were blamed for murder so they were sent to see King Cleatous Kalon proved their innocence and they all decided to go the his secret library to learn more how to fulfill their goal to make a Lich Queen.

After that the party split up and a Highlander came down to talk to the king. The king told him he would like peace with his people and offered him a chance to kill a dragon. The highlander along with some of the group went and killed the blue dragon and leroy kincaid was able to get a sword from the dragon. some rings were found and some clothing.

The group went to the library and learned some of what they needed to learn and Kalon joined the Dark Forge. They traveled the highlands and found their was to their city. They traveled in search for a wizard who could help The highlanders and they had a battle with some Imperial scouts. They found the wizard and the hippos almost died from drowning. The wizard told the group to retrieve a book from a imperial. They went and did as he requested and a epic battle happened in which many were killed both imperial and highlander Kalon almost did not make it but he killed the dragonborn who took the book from the wizard and he was able to climb over the wall where he was picked up and taken to the Wizard who healed him. and when he awoke he was surprised to see a unicorn that was going to be his. The group traveled to a camp and late in the night some people came dressed in imperial clothing but they said they were friends and so they were brought in. They then traveled to the main city and talked with the king and made plans for the following day.
A group is formed.

Firstly sorry for this post being lame I will do better in the following weeks. This post will be a summary as to what has happened recently.

After fighting the guards Kalon and Leroy took old man Jenkins from his house out to Cayo canyon to interriogate him about Kalon’s family and after some talking and getting nowhere Kalon decided it would be best to knock the old man out. As he went to punch him his hidden blade accidently broke a spring and killed the old man so Kalon decided to kill the horse and make it look like the old man fell from riding and died from hitting a tree. It worked and in the morning Kalon decided that it was best to just set out with Leroy to the Big city of Para Sempre by air ship. Along the way they encountered two hunters by the names of Elderstur and Jericho who decided to make camp with us and after a good nights sleep they set out to the nearest town to find a air ship and after some searching they found a ship full of monks and decided to go with them.

After some traveling and as the night was falling a falling star was spotted falling and getting closer it hit the ship and broke the main balloon causing the ship to fall. in the wreckage their was a figure that appeared to be a elf. This elf had no memory of anything just a bag with some armor and such. After crashing a person who was on a horse rode in to see if he could help his name isCharybdus Hell’s Reaver also some orcs came out from their camp to take us as prisoners. We surrendered and went to their camp where they started fighting over who would have the one who fell from the sky. While they were fighting , the group decided to make a plan to escape using the animals that the orcs had as a distraction. The orcs strangely enough had hippos and so after some work and a few deaths the group rode off to safety. They decided to go to the hometown of Leroy but they didn’t stay too long for the townsfolk were still mad at him for everything but before they left they found someone by the name ofMithrandir who said she was a guide to the Place where the Guardians call home, The Valley of Light. They decided it would be good to go to this place so they went through the capital of Para Sempre and decided to start their journey on the morning that followed their destination. In the Tavern they met Elderstur and Jericho who wanted to travel with them. Leroy and Kalon bought some magic rings and Kalon Met King Arthur who decided to give armor to his hippo. In the morning the group set out and after some time of travel trouble started to happen. The magic rings started some trouble in the group. Leroy was beginning to turn into a fish and Kalon was bleeding nonstop so they rushed them to the Valley of Light to receive help from The Guardians

After a week of healing for the party they are all reunited and spend some time learning and doing as they each please. Vonavingyr Tyrneaurdrenn has a goal to cheat death but needs some items before that is possible. One of the Guardians offered a ride on a airship but something seemed wrong about this to the group and after a few minutes he left towards his ship. The group told a nearby guardian of what happened and in no time a alarm was sounded a battle happened and our heroes emerge victorious.

The long journey home

This story begins with two separate beginnings the first is the beginning of Kalon Crayson.

Kalon Crayson had just walked off the boat and started walking off in search of his target he decided that he should ask the locals for information and as he looked around he found some people fishing nearby and asked them if they had seen any boats come by recently and through some conversation he learned that their was a strange path through the trees that went to a town with more information than these fishermen could give after quite a while Kalon Crayson made his way to the town of Night and Day he was greeted by some guards who asked him his business and after some talk and some coin he made his way into the Day section of the city. The place was full of happy people asking talking to everyone and saying In Joy it. Naturally Kalon went to a tavern to ask for some information about his prey and after talking to some guards in the tavern he decided to spent the night and to go and see the king. On the morrow he went to the house of the Ruler of this area of the city and was invited in and had a lovely breakfast. After, Kalon Crayson told the Ruler that he was sent to capture a man who wanted to ruin the peace of the city. The Ruler did not want any of this so he has all of his guards on alert for this pirate captain. He told Kalon that the man who I was looking for was probably in the Night Section of the City and offered me a escort to the gate. When they arrived the guards who came along seemed to just want to run away. Kalon knocked on the door and when asked why he wanted to come over he just plainly said. “These people don’t know how to take anything seriously”. They chuckled and let him in. He could see why they called this the city of Night and Day. Over here everyone looked frightened and the guards looked more serious. He made his way to the docks and started trying to find the ship that held the person he was looking for. he found his ship and pretended that he was on the crew after working they were free to go to the tavern. Kalon went and started talking to one of the higher ups and got him skunk drunk took him out back and killed him and took his personal belongings and disguised himself to look like this man. Kalon went to the ship and told the captain that their was someone asking about him and that he looked like a assassin so the captain decided to gather the crew and depart at once after some travel Kalon Heard a strange sound and heard Cannon fire……..

The beginning ofleroy kincaid.

Leroy looked up he was on dry land and could not believe it. His ship had just crashed and he was unsure if he was to survive, but survive he did at least for now. He could only see shore in each direction and it was starting to rain. He decided to shoot some magic into the air like a signal flare and then went into the woods to make a shelter he decided to return and see if anyone was their . He could see footprints and decided to shoot some more magic into the air and wait. Upon waiting he was discovered by the Locals {of which were the same locals who Kalon ran in to earlier} and they took Leroy in for the night. In the morning Leroy left to the town to find work. He came to the Night section of the city and when asked why he wanted to enter he told them he was looking for work. leroy kincaid asked a local man where their was work and he pointed him to the tavern. When Leroy arrived he announced to everyone that he was looking for work. A man in the back said he was a ships captain and offered him a job on his ship and Leroy accepted the offer. The captain paid for his room and board for the evening and told him to meet him at the docks in the morning. After eating a good breakfast Leroy went to the docks and followed the captain to the water and the captain said try not to freak out and walked into the water and Leroy followed him into a submarine like hull and set about to moving cargo After some time the Captain called for everyone to get to battle stations and the boat started moving up and Leroy heard the sound of cannons firing from the hull of the ship………..

This is where the stories combine.

Kalon ran up to the side gun close to the captain and fired off a shot at the opposing forces. Leroy was almost destroyed by a shot from the side gun of the ship they were attacking. Leroy decided that it was better to be over their where the guns could not hit him so he jumped to the enemy ship. Kalon Crayson Saw this moment of chaos as a opportunity to get his kill so he went up to the captain who was unaware of what was going on behind him and took his life. Shortly after Kalon was attacked by the people on the opposing side and he told them that he was on their side and that he had just killed the captain of the ship and as he said that he ran and jumped on someone below and stabbed him and shortly after someone tied a belt like thing on him and the fight continued until a signal was given for them to return.

Upon return Kalon asked to speak to the captain of the ship and he and Leroy were sent to speak with the captain. The captain announced himself as Captain Valentine and he welcomed them as new members of the crew, Now Kalon was not liking the idea of spending time on a ship when he needed to return to his home but the captain told him that he was the leader of the Ship of which legends speak that is crewed by the damned and he smiled to show his long teeth. he was a vampire creature and he told him his terms and offered them a chance to join the family of vampires. They each had a interview with the Captain separately and they each made their own choice.

After some months of travel the captain told everyone that they needed to attack one ship and that he was going aboard to help find what he needed. A mighty battle happened in which Kalon and Leroy almost died in the first wave but they managed to stay alive for the battle and Leroy fought a mighty battle against the Enemy Dragonborn Captain. While below, Kalon was trying to blow the ship up when Captain Valentine stopped him and continued along his way shooting pistols and throwing them on the ground so Kalon decided to pick up four of them and follow the captain. They walked to a room and found a big rock in their supported by ropes he and Kalon started to cut the ropes and they he told Kalon to evacuate and they went to the top and The Captain gave the signal and shot the man who Leroy was fighting for quite sometime. when they returned he asked for volunteers to take the rock that was in the ships wreckage and Kalon and Leroy recovered the rock and some loot.

A year passed and Captain Valentine offered Leroy and Kalon the chance to stay on his crew Kalon told the captain that he had to find the one responsible for the death of his family And Leroy decided to go with Kalon. They returned to Kalons hometown and found his house burned to the ground. Kalon went to talk to his neighbor Mr. Jenkins and he called the guards a fight happened and that is most of the story so far.
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