Kalon Crayson

if you betray me I will find you and strike you down when you least expect it.


Kalon Crayson was born into a unusual family. in the town they were pleasurable and polite to all but their was something different about them, They were a secretive family of assassin’s which was only know to a few of their relatives such as their aunt in the city of Egremont and a few others. Kalon trained since he was five in the ways of the assassin along side his siblings Elanora his sister and Varadox His elder brother who he was fond of and strived to become like him. In his family their was a tradition that on the 17th birthday for whoever it was , that they were taken with their mother or father to be tested Kalon chose to go with his mother and they went to the village of Herax about fifty miles to the east.

When he and his mother were about ten miles out of town he asked his mom for information about the contract but his mother only gave him a small painting of the person that he was to kill and said these words of encouragement and advice. “My dear Kalon Remember that this is what you have been training for and that I will not be far off and if trouble befalls you know that I am closely watching over you”. Then she kissed him on the forehead and took the left path while kalon took the right. Within a couple of hours he came to the village of Herax which was a city of great potential for it had good farmland and a mine of great riches which was bringing in people from all around seeking a better life. Kalon was stopped by a royal guard and was asked to state his business. He said to the guard “I am just a traveler who is looking for a nice place to stay for a night or two”. “Alright” said the guard , “we have a few places for folks to stay in but you had better hurry up for they will be packed in a few hours”. Kalon thanked him and asked him why a royal guard was in this town at first the guard would not say but after some more conversation and some clever wordplay Kalon learned that their was a newly elected mayor for the town and with this honor comes the protection from the royal army. Kalon once again thanked the guard for the advice and began to walk into town with a upset stomach for he knew of the might of the royal guards, Even though he had studied some of their formations and such he knew that the real thing would be much different than training. In his thought he almost walked past the inn. After entering and paying for two nights of lodging and food he began to walk around and look for his target he looked for hours and found nothing. The sun was beginning to set so he decided to head back to the inn and try in the morning. On his walk home he saw a crowd gathering in the town center listening to a individual speaking. seeing this as one last opportunity to find his target for the evening he walked over to listen to the speaker. Kalon was in shock for he found his target, he was not in the crowd but was on stage sitting next to the governor was one of his counselors. Surly this was not the target but looking down at the image in his hand he knew that their could be no mistake, this was his target.

After thirty minutes The meeting was brought to a close and the people began to disperse but Kalon had remained in the distance to observe his prey and plan for the perfect moment to strike. The Governor was escorted by three guards and his counselors were escorted by two. “Damn” thought Kalon “One guard would be difficult enough” but he couldn’t think of that now he had a job to do and he had to do it right.
He followed them to his residence which was a nice house that appeared to have two or three rooms with only one level. “Well the house looks simple enough to get into and work my way around but how to deal with the guards?” he decided to return to the inn and rest.

After a nice breakfast he set about to stalking his target observing carefully for any weaknesses any flaws anything that he could use to aid him in his task. at around three in the afternoon he returned to the inn to rest for the evening. he was awoken by a knock at the door. “Um Sir?” a voice of a young woman said “im here to wake you at the time you requested.” “Thank you.” Kalon replied with a wink to the young woman. She blushed gave a polite nod with her head and closed the door.

As Kalon walked out of the Inn into the cool night air he looked up into the Sky and Remembered his Mothers words and set about on the road to his first kill. He walked on the street till about a block before the house and in a small group of people he faded into the shadows and slowly made his way into a tree near the house. By this time the warm night breeze began to turn into a strong wind. “Aw great now I need a new plan” He thought so he began to look around for anything he could use. He began to analyze his surroundings and saw a lantern swinging in the horse corral perfect he thought and decided he had to move while the wind was strong he waited for a cloud to cover the moon and jumped down into the grass and began to run while keeping low to the ground.

Luckily their was a small stone wall surrounding the estate which he used to help keep him covered. “So far so good.” he thought and as he looked over the wall he saw the lantern was within arms reach so he took it and threw it into the dry hay in the corral. and within moments the fire began to spread and the animals began to panic. Kalon ran back to the other side of the house and waited for the guards to go to the sound of the commotion. His plan worked within no time their was a panic and the people began to come out of the house. this is when Kalon decided to enter the House and wait for them to put out the small fire. After a couple of hours the family returned their rooms Kalon was under the bed of One of the counselors daughters and after about fifteen minutes she went to the window and opened it for the wind had died down and a cool breeze came rushing into the room. Kalon took this moment to open the door and slip into the main room he slowly walked into the next room and their he saw the man he was to kill. He walked in and for the first time he did not know what to do. he knew once he did this he could never go back. After saying a little prayer he took his blade and sank it into his heart, a clean kill. He then went to the front door and cracked it open to see if the guards were their and as he walked out he went to the left around to the back to where the animals were and hid in a stall until he saw one of the guards walk by and with that he jumped the fence returned to his horse and began to ride home.

He was met by his mother after twenty miles of riding and she had tears in her eyes. “I am so proud of you son.” “I saw the whole thing”. When they got home their was a celebration in his Honor. After a few weeks his father called a meeting. as they sat down he explained that their was a unusual contract to find a ship captain and take him down. Varadox suggested that Kalon go and after a voting it was decided that he would go and assassinate this captain. He was escorted by his brother and Father to the docks the following morning and after receiving some money from his father and a sketch of his target he boarded the boat set sail to the last know location of the pirate captain.

Kalon Crayson

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