Vonavingyr Tyrneaurdrenn

Ice-Storm Caller Child of the Light, The Lich Queen


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Eyes: A sharp shining blue, like the sun shining through a rotating iceberg.
Hair: A soft white. Almost like a fresh patch of new snow on the cold hard winter soil.


Raised in the port town of Portsmith, Vonvavingyr, or Vin as she’s known, has always loved the sea. Even when she was very young, she would go fishing with her father and mother and reach for the cold, dark, shimmering abyss that was the North Sea. While on the boat through the long and often uninterrupted days, Vin would practice swimming. When she first fell into the sea, her parents panicked, thinking that they had lost their only child, but their fear turned to surprise and laughter when they saw her hand her shoes back to them and start swimming around the boat. She was never afraid of the water and even in the grasp of the cold depths, the chill never could get a hold of her. Before her naming day, Vin had already shown a remarkable ability to move snow and break ice. Her magic was stronger than all of the other younglings in the village. The elder said that he had not seen such strength in the ice since the last Storm-Caller had walked the lands. And so she was named, Ice Storm-Caller, Child of the Light. Vin helped her village through any of the winter storms that followed, ensuring that they could still fish and get water and send boats to Night to trade with the Dragon Blood Kinship.
When Vin reached her 18th birthday, she set out to seek her fortune in the world. Armed with Merowen she set out and joined a trade fleet. Her powers made her a valuable asset to any vessel heading into a storm or anywhere in the northlands. After a year escorting ships and learning the sailing trade, she set down in Fallerest and became a guide through the snowy mountains into Valley of Light

Vonavingyr Tyrneaurdrenn

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