A Last Stand

The Adventure begins

so my last post was erased and since I do not have much time I will make a brief summary of events. Charybdus Hell’s Reaver trained with Grand Master to become a Guardian. The group met handsome Jack and traveled to some ruins to get a skull. The group fights and Jack and Mithrandir ran away to the Dark Forge and the group followed and met Jay Jay. Charybdus Hell’s Reaver fought Jay Jay to help a fellow guardian and almost got himself killed but was saved by the party and the Leaders of the Dark forge.

They then traveled to the land of Thuisland. On arrival they were greeted by Jay Jay and traveled the desert and went past a old blue dragon Got into a fight with Aztec and were blamed for murder so they were sent to see King Cleatous Kalon proved their innocence and they all decided to go the his secret library to learn more how to fulfill their goal to make a Lich Queen.

After that the party split up and a Highlander came down to talk to the king. The king told him he would like peace with his people and offered him a chance to kill a dragon. The highlander along with some of the group went and killed the blue dragon and leroy kincaid was able to get a sword from the dragon. some rings were found and some clothing.

The group went to the library and learned some of what they needed to learn and Kalon joined the Dark Forge. They traveled the highlands and found their was to their city. They traveled in search for a wizard who could help The highlanders and they had a battle with some Imperial scouts. They found the wizard and the hippos almost died from drowning. The wizard told the group to retrieve a book from a imperial. They went and did as he requested and a epic battle happened in which many were killed both imperial and highlander Kalon almost did not make it but he killed the dragonborn who took the book from the wizard and he was able to climb over the wall where he was picked up and taken to the Wizard who healed him. and when he awoke he was surprised to see a unicorn that was going to be his. The group traveled to a camp and late in the night some people came dressed in imperial clothing but they said they were friends and so they were brought in. They then traveled to the main city and talked with the king and made plans for the following day.


WilliamMcMillan Ccolledge

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